Wisper 806 Se 2020 575wh Folding Electric Bike

Wisper 806 SE 2020 575WH Folding Electric Bike
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Merchant : Rutland Cycling

Product Description

The Wisper 806 folding electric bike is the perfect ride for commuters, shoppers, campers and caravanners, anyone that likes to get out on their bike and like to tuck it away neatly on return.   Wisper 806 is super adaptable to suit a wide range of sizes. A very low standover makes it a doddle for the rider to hop on and off the bike as they please, no matter how small their stature. But an extensive range of adjustment on both the seatpost and the handlebar stem means the bike can be adjsuted to fit even the tallest member of the family.   20 inch wheels roll along well and give the bike a nimble feel with responsive steering, making for a fun and enjoyable ride. With a 575WH battery, you'll get between 35 and 65 miles of range depending on a variety of factors such as load, terrain, power setting used and weather conditions.   The dimensions of the bike when folded up are 30cm x 100cm x 70cm, so you can easily fit the bike into small corner until your next ride.