Focus Jam2 6.7 Plus 2020 Full Sus Electric Mountain Bike Stone Blue

Focus Jam2 6.7 Plus 2020 Full Sus Electric Mountain Bike Stone Blue
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Product Description

Designed to conquer new mountains, the Jam2 will breeze up the climbs whilst remaining as fun as their non-electric siblings on the descents.  The low weight of the JAM2 allows it to fly up any mountain, and do so in style. The 7005 hydroformed aluminium frame provides an optimised stiffness-to-weight ratio; superbly light to bring the weight right down and ensure no power is wasted, whilst stiff enough to guarantee efficient energry transfer. These together turn climbing into flats. The battery has also been seamlessly integrated into the downtube and the motor is barely noticable-you'd have to double take before even realising this was an eBike.  Focus only use drives and batteries in their bikes that still let you have fun; they need to be compact enough that the bike can maintain an agile and aggressive geometry, one that equals the non-electric counterparts. The Jam2 is no exception, letting you have as much fun as their non-electric siblings, just with the added bonus of being able to fly up the ascents.  The Bosch Performance CX motor is one of the best drives out there, designed for ambitious bikers who see the trail as a second home. Its extremely lightweight which further helps keep overall weight down, but does not compromise on power and efficiency. For more info on the Bosch Performance CX, see here.  Shimano's SLX has always been a bit of an everyman groupset-taking the trickle down tech from the XTR and XT groupsets and making them more affordable. With 12 speeds and a wide gear ratio working in conjunction with the Performance CX, you've got enough to tackle anything the track throws your way. Throw in Shimano hyrdaulic disc brakes for all-weather confidence and 150mm of travel, and you've got a mean MTB machine. F.O.L.D The Focus Optimised Linkage Design, or FOLD for short, offer rear suspension that was designed with E-MTB in mind; by utilising ‘two-phase kinematics’ Focus have managed to create a rear suspension that is both degressive in the first phase and progressive in the second phase. The regressive phase is extremely responsive to the smallest of bumps, with a marked increase in traction as a result. The second progressive phase provides sufficient control needed for larger impacts and prevents bottom outs and rim damage. Control is guaranteed with FOLD. Conquer new mountains